[KU:] Ramen

A new format for Moscow, combining noodle and izakaya formats, that is, a gastrobar. In Japan people go to such places after work.
The focus is on the open kitchen. A lot of natural wood, light, minimalistic interior conveying Japanese discreet style.
Noodles play one of the main roles in the menu, cook it on a special Japanese noodle-machine, and concept chef Sirahama is in charge of authenticity of the recipe.

The basis of the menu consists of several kinds of traditional Japanese ramen soup and snacks in the izakaya format. The concept chef Chizuko Sirahama – the indigenous Japanese woman, Denis Ivanov’s wife, is responsible for the gastronomic concept. At the moment, you can try 10 varieties of ramen in Ku. Noodles for ramen dishes are prepared on a machine specially brought from Tokyo.
The format isakaya, that is, a gastrobar, involves many small snacks, and besides the Japanese classics, fusion is admissible here and even welcome.

[KU:] on Smolenskaya

The new ramen restaurant [KU:] is located on the first floor of the AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow, recently opened after major renovation. The restaurant’s area is 150 square meters, it is designed for 65 seats, besides, an open-air terrace with 40 seats is planned for the summer. A stunning panoramic view from the restaurant is directed towards the famous high-rise of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

[KU:] on B.Gruzinskaya

The new [KU:] is concrete and natural wood in the interior, concise forms and a celebration of ergonomics, huge windows and high ceilings make the room elegant.
As in the first one [KU:], bet on authentic Japanese cuisine and ramen as a main course. Especially for the new [KU:], invited Japanese chefs have developed several ramen on beef broth, which are not on the menu [KU:] at Smolenskaya, 8. They also prepare the noodles themselves in an open kitchen, on a Japanese noodle machine.